Case Study: Strengthening Business Resilience and Collaboration in the Construction Industry

Company Overview

Acara Concepts is a leading supplier of natural and sustainable thermal and acoustic insulation products in the Irish and UK markets. With a track record of 16 years in business, Acara Concepts has become a trusted provider of high-quality insulation solutions, prioritising environmental sustainability.


Acara Concepts encountered two key challenges that required strategic approaches:

  1. Brexit-Related Supply Chain Disruption: Following the implementation of Brexit, Acara Concepts faced difficulties and increased expenses in sourcing materials from long-standing UK-based suppliers. To overcome this challenge, the company proactively shifted its focus to European-based suppliers, minimising reliance on the UK. Although this transition presented initial challenges, Acara Concepts is now starting to experience the benefits and rewards of their decision.
  2. Maintaining Competitive Pricing in an Inflated Market: The construction industry experienced inflated prices for construction materials and transportation, posing a challenge for Acara Concepts in keeping their prices competitive without compromising profitability. The company recognised the importance of navigating this market landscape effectively to maintain their market position.

Why They Joined the Cluster

Acara Concepts joined Construction Cluster Ireland with a clear objective to connect with like-minded industry professionals and explore collaborative opportunities. The company sought to establish partnerships with individuals and businesses that shared their commitment to sustainable construction practices and innovative solutions.


Being part of the cluster has yielded several notable benefits for Acara Concepts:

  1. Expanded Network and Collaboration Opportunities: Through Construction Cluster Ireland, Acara Concepts has been introduced to previously unknown industry professionals and businesses. These connections have sparked fruitful discussions and opened doors for potential collaborations, enabling Acara Concepts to leverage collective expertise and resources for mutual growth.
  2. Enhanced Market Reach: The cluster has provided valuable insights and opportunities for Acara Concepts to explore new market channels. By collaborating with other cluster members, the company has gained access to their networks and customer bases, expanding their market reach and strengthening their market presence.
  3. Fostering Innovation and Efficiency: The emphasis on collaboration and knowledge sharing within the cluster has cultivated a culture of innovation within Acara Concepts. Engaging with industry peers has exposed the company to new ideas, technologies, and best practices, resulting in improved operational efficiency and continuous improvement.


“Strength in unity, prosperity in collaboration. Joining a construction cluster unlocks a world of benefits, fostering innovation, efficiency, and growth while propelling the industry forward.”


Acara Concepts’ partnership with Construction Cluster Ireland has played a pivotal role in overcoming challenges and capitalising on opportunities in the construction industry. Through collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange, the company has strengthened its position, expanded market reach, and fostered innovation. By joining the cluster, Acara Concepts has found a supportive community that propels them towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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