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Construction Cluster Ireland

Ireland’s national cluster to accelerate the competitiveness and internationalisation of
construction and built environment SMEs

About CCI

Construction Cluster Ireland (CCI) is an industry-driven cluster organisation that aims to build capacity amongst SMEs in the construction and built environment sector to ensure they can maintain their competitiveness, internationalise their businesses, and improve their productivity.


Build resilience and capacity amongst SMEs


Collectively address the common challenges


Link with construction businesses and prospects locally and internationally


Connect the ecosystem to benefit all members


Connecting the construction industry, academia and government, CCI’s clustering activities lessens the isolation of member SMEs using a bottom-up approach to:

  • Increase the competitiveness of cluster firms
  • Collectively address opportunities and roadblocks
  • Improve access to knowledge, talent, market, research and
  • Assist in securing finance through improved access to funding
  • Build alignment around common agendas

Focus Areas

Technology & Innovation

supporting our members enabling Irish construction companies to access global markets and thrive on an international scale


through bespoke events and members supporting and learning from each other

Talent & Skills

the cluster foster collaboration and skill sharing, facilitating the exchange of expertise and innovative approaches for collective growth.

Collaboration Partners

building trusting relationships and a healthy ecosystem, which facilitates knowledge sharing

Public Funds & Supports

collaborative projects and/or co-bidding on large scale projects, which facilitates business development

New Markets

for both cluster members and the cluster itself, which can then support exporting and internationalisation

Our Mission

The construction sector is undergoing a significant transformation driven by forces such as digital technology, climate change, globalisation and market uncertainty.

Our Vision

At CCI, our ambition is to create a trusted and collaborative ecosystem within the built environment sector. We strive to foster knowledge sharing and cooperation, enabling Irish construction companies to enhance their productivity, competitiveness, supply chain efficiencies, and internationalisation. It is essential that all construction companies, regardless of size, are supported to maximise the benefits and opportunities of this transformation.

Value Impact

Through our initiatives, CCI strives to increase the productivity, innovation, and sustainability of the construction sector. By promoting collaborations and improving supply chain efficiencies, we seek to drive positive and lasting change within the industry, benefiting our members and the wider built environment community.

Our Members

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